PayU Poland Quick start with payment

This addon integrate PayU Poland basic payment.
PayU – processor owned by PayU S.A. based in Poznan, Poland. Transactions made with PayU are safe and simple. Implementing the PayU system to your online shop is definitely worth it. With PayU, Customers can pay for orders made in PLN (Polish zloty). PayU cooperates with VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and the Polish online banks and bank services (for complete list visit:

With PayU, you will quickly activate payments on your website:

Buyer clicks on a button that represents PayU.
PayU system presents an order summary webpage, where the buyer confirms the payment.
PayU will redirect the payer to your webpage (Checkout page) and send the resulting information to your system
PayU system notifies the seller’s system that a status of the payment order has changed as assumed in its cycle.


* quick integration of PayU payment form that enables a buyer to make a payment
* notifications of an updated order status will be sent from PayU to your system
* styling the PayU button with own image or various official PayU images
* restrict to allow only selected locations to use this payment method

Important notes:

Note that the plugin only works if the currency is set to Polish Złoty (Currency code PLN).
In order to use the PayU gateway you need a PayU merchant account
To configure its operations with your shop, set values assigned to your seller’s account in PayU.
When testing integration with PayU it is possible to use following data:
POS ID (pos_id): 145227
Second key (MD5): 13a980d4f851f3d9a1cfc792fb1f5e50

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