Boost your sales

5 tips for successful selling on the marketplace

AbanteCart Marketplace is a platform where individuals and businesses can buy and sell AbanteCart extensions and templates. Whether you just start selling on the marketplace, or you like to reach record sales, these steps will help you to maximize sales of your extensions.

1. Live demo

Having a great extension is a first step, now you need to present your extension in its best.
Our research shows that templates with demo have more sales compare to the once without demos.
If you want to sell more, we strongly recommend to add live demo. Your customers want to see how your extension works and how simple or complex to use it. Increase client confidence and show max features in your demo.

2. Better Description

Always assume your customers will buy only what they need. Emphasize the features and benefits of your extension. If applicable to your extension mention of cost reduction and solving of some business problem. A good description is concise, well organized, and easy to read. Think about your extension from the buyer's perspective — more clear you state about benefits and features of your extension, more likely the buyer will purchase it.

3. Provide and update supported versions

Always set the minimum and maximum supported version of the AbanteCart. Confirm compatibility to your customers before purchasing. You should always make sure your extension is compatible with AbanteCart software versions selected.

4. Clear and high quality screenshots

As you create your screenshots, be sure to use bright, high-resolution images that clearly show extension features. Just remember, main extension image is customers' first impression. When uploading and arranging your main image and screenshots ( up to 15), pick the one that will make your item stand out as the first and primary image.

5. Timely response to questions

You must respond and take appropriate action to pre-sale and post-sale questions. Be prepared to provide answers to questions, and to do so in a timely manner. Make answers positive, upbeat, and cheerful; steer away from using any negative words or vulgar language.