Product Image Watermark

Automatic watermarks are on all your product images.

Protect your images.

Forget about Photoshop and many hours of hard work!
You can upload your own watermark image or type your brand name or any text.
Benefit from powerful features allows you to adjust the opacity, the position of the watermark, rotation angle.
Powerful features for the text watermark: different font, any font size and custom color which is easy to select with color picker.

This module allows you to set up the watermark in predefined position:
  • - Top (Left & Right)
  • - Bottom (Left & Right)
  • - Center
  • - Pattern (fill image) - Repeat your watermark to cover the entire photo so that no single part of the photo can be used without your consent


✯ Adjust text position and opacity
✯ Rotate and position watermarks on text and images
✯ Upload a watermark image or your own watermark text
✯ Logo patterns or text patters with rotation support
* Text Watermarking supports with true type font files (.ttf)
* Transparent Background supports on PNG Watermark images
* Easy configuration
* Option to disable watermarking for images smaller than configurable width
* Color-picker tool that allows you to select text unlimited colors
✯ Option to select a font family and font size

Important notes:

Back up your entire site including your database and all your files
Supported formats .jpg .jpeg .png
Script require php GD library installed on server (97% hosts have GD Library included as a component by default).
Due to php limitations script require considerable amount of server memory for watermark image processing operations.

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