Top Selling products

This module allows you to create block on your homepage or any layout page with top selling products from your store.
Automate cross-selling by adding the Top Selling plugin on your store pages.

It dynamically retrieves from the database Top Selling products purchased.

The larger your database, the more suggestions become.


  • SEO Urls support
  • Slider or regular product list
  • Horizontally or vertically position
  • Autostart slider (optional)
  • Sliding speed (optional)
  • Autoslide timeout (optional)
  • horizontal (fullwidth) or vertical (sideblock) position
  • Shuffle random products on every page load
  • Enable/disable block title
  • Block title edit in language definitions
  • Customizable product's image size for horizontal block
  • Option to disable slider and show regular product's blocks

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Extension ID: top_selling
Extension Latest Version: 1.0.9
AbanteCart Version: 1.2+, 1.3+
Created: Mar 09, 2017
Last updated: Aug 02, 2023