SEO Boost Tools & Pack v 2.1

SEO Boost Tools & Pack v 2.1

achieve SEO boost (Search Engine Optimization)


  • Fairly easy to install and no files overwritten.
  • Google preview tool to approximate google search result
  • Product in-edit-page SEO Analyzer to catch most important SEO
  • All in one products SEO page to quick edit and examine
  • Create the SEO friendly url for all of your products, categories, contents in One Click
  • Custom meta title & h1 heading for your products and categories
  • Mark up your product pages with Facebook Open Graph tags to take control over how your content appears on Facebook.
  • Advanced facebook meta tags included only in this SEO PACK
  • Allow links to your site to be more informational when tweeted. Get credit to your site from every tweet that mentions your page.
  • Build pages and product images SEO Google XML Sitemap in one-click
  • Add SEO keyword to the product Resource Images. Plugin generates SEO image file names with click.
  • Improve your product's breadcrumb for Search engines and customers!

Save Money

In addition to other features The SEO Boost Pack includes the 7 plugins:

Furthermore, get additional product SEO Boost tools

Product all-in-one page SEO page

- quick edit all seo related data for product. Custom Meta Title, Meta description, custom H1, meta keywords, seo url.

Product SEO Analyzer tool

Product search result preview - an approximation of actual Google results

Feel free to contact us, suggestions are always welcome.

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