Smart Product Search And Result Filtering

If you need to improve customer navigation to products in your store, and help customers faster locate and share products, you will find this extension very helpful.  With this extension, customers can quickly search for products and filter results based on more specific information such as keywords, categories, brands, prices and product tags.
You can filter from any product listing page such as categories, brands, search, etc.
Products can be filtered by search keyword, category, manufacture(brand), tags, and price.
Filtering supports standard product sorting and ordering  as well as a custom number of products displayed per page.

Filtering is fast, SEO friendly, and constructed with full or encrypted (unreadable) URLs. Filtered pages can be easily shared, to help customers navigate directly to the desired set of filtered products.
Developers' note: Possibility to hook to this extension and add new blocks with additional filters

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Extension ID: products_refined_search
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