Sell Software Licenses online

Resale Software Licenses online

Features Highlight:

  • New product type for licenses
  • Turn existing products into license products
  • Easily Load new licenses codes to the products
  • Custom status if licenses are out of stock
  • Instant delivery to customer account
  • Automatically notify buyers with added licenses
  • Automatically send buyers with licenses pdf file
  • Support different license keys for Device Count / License Validity Periods

Merchants can easily turn any products in AbanteCart into a licensed product type.
Import bulk license codes for at the same time to product variant. Merchants can see a full list of product license codes along with their status - enabled, disabled, and delivered with order. Enabled license codes will be sent to customers when customers buy a license product.
Email sent to customers containing license code in pdf file after they have bought or paid successfully for the license product

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Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension


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Extension ID: licensing
Extension Latest Version: 1.0.0
AbanteCart Version: 1.2
Created: Oct 15, 2017
Last updated: Jun 18, 2020