Cardknox eCommerce payments

Secure & Fast Integrated Payments

AbanteCart joined together with Cardknox to provide one streamlined solution for the best in secure payments. Cardknox’s solution is designed with both customer and owner in mind. Enhance the customer experience, boost efficiency, and cut costs with a flexible and advanced payment solution.

The most secure and flexible payment gateway for websites. Robust end-to-end eCommerce payments
Using proprietary iFields, sensitive card data completely bypasses the host server, significantly reducing your PCI scope and liability.
With the Cardknox API, credit card processing is a snap. Merchants can accept and process transactions from all major credit and debit cards through the Cardknox payment gateway

Integrate With Cardknox to Process Multiple Payment Types

Boost sales by enabling the merchant to accept and process multiple payment types, including credit cards, ACH payments, and EBT cards.
Customers expect to have multiple options to pay for purchases, so offering your merchants the ability to accept different payment types gives them the flexibility they need to boost sales and increase profits. When you integrate with Cardknox, you’ll get robust omnichannel payment solutions to help you create fully customized payment flows that elevate the customer experience.

Enhanced Security

Keep merchant and customer data safe and secure with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption. Enhanced Security Data encryption and tokenization keep cardholder information safe from hackers as the data moves through the transaction process.

Streamline Your Payment Processing With ACH Payments

Use ACH payment processing to send and receive money quickly, simplify your accounting and reconciliation processes, and improve your cash flow.

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