Blog Manager

Now you can easily build and maintain your very own blog right within Abantecart.

Why would you want to add a blog to your store?

  • Blogging adds content and generates traffic to your website
  • Blogs are a marketing platform for highlighting and discussing your products
  • Unique blog content can improve your SEO rankings
  • A blog will engage your visitors, build your audience and turn visitors into customers

So why wouldn't you want a blog?

The Blog Manager Comes Packed With Features

  • Use your store template or create a new design
  • Use your store domain, sub-domain, or new domain
  • Allow anyone to post comments or require a login
  • Use your customer data or create a new community
  • Multiple authors supported
  • Full image integration
  • Threaded comment and notification system
  • Spam protection and bad word filtering
  • Archive, Search and RSS Feed
  • Built-in navigation blocks
  • And Much More....

November 28, 2023 - Version 1.6.5 for AbanteCart 1.3.4 Released. Includes support for bootstrap5

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Extension ID: blog_manager
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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023

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