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Nermin Okanovic
1 year ago
Hi, does the best offer extension work with AbanteCart Version 1.3.3
Paul Stubbs
2 years ago
Hi is the auction extension compatible with the latest cart 1.3.2
Andy Fritsche
3 years ago
the best price offer works with AbanteCart Version 1.3.1 ?
3 years ago
Not quite yet. There is a bug I am still working on.
savvas thoupou
4 years ago
hello i just bought installed the extention , i managed to set up a auctio ( i think ) put all the items on the auction but all the items dont apear on the front end but appear in the backend what have i done wrong please help larnacatrade@gmail.com
Julian Marshall
8 years ago
i am trying to get the blog manager to work on latest version of abantecart. It will not install.
7 years ago
I have not tested it yet, but from what I can see it should.
6 years ago

I think you have it right. You can have multiple suppliers each with their own shipping requirements and ship points. Say you have two suppliers one with product A and B and ships from California using FedEx. The second one with product C and D and ships from New York. using UPS Along comes your customer who lives in Chicago and purchases all four products. On the shipping page they will see two quotes, one for supplier 1 and the other for supplier 2.

Actually the current version is compatible. However I do have a new version specifically for 1.2.11 and 1.2.12 which I thought I uploaded but apparently did not. It will be uploaded by tomorrow.
6 years ago
There are a few small edits that me be required for full functionality depending on the options you use. The help file has all of the details. The extension is designed to run seamlessly with AbanteCart but if you do have any issues, I am always here to help.

The only template files that are modified are the checkout and invoice pages. There is a style sheet included if you want to make modifications to the appearance.

Myanmar Desk
6 years ago
I recently purchased Blog manager and installed and configured as instructed.However when I try to browse
it show only my website home page ,not blog page. How do I get enable blog page appear ?

6 years ago
There are usually two possible reasons for not seeing your blog.
1) You did not enter any blog settings information and create a test entry.
2) You did not edit your .htaccess file per the Setup Instructions.

If neither of these are the case, email me at the address at the bottom of the Setup Instructions.