Twitter Cards meta tags

Twitter Cards makes it possible for you to attach product image to tweets that link to your content.

Using Twitter Cards to Enhance the Social Media Marketing

This is very similar to sharing a link on Facebook which automatically displays a preview with title, summary, and thumbnail of your page content.

How Does Twitter Cards Work? When your tweet has a link to a site that has twitter cards enabled, there is an option to view summary. Whenever another user clicks on the tweet, they will see this summary. The biggest advantage of having twitter cards is that it increases the number of people following your twitter accounts through content attribution. Often people tweet your links without giving you proper attribution.


Advanced configuration. To give the most engaging Twitter experience plugin force to dispay main product image, product price as well as special price in description. Define "on sale" text you prefer for the shared on sale products. Set the image to be shared with non product pages. And even category description with image.

Wow! Favorite tool Twitter Cards Markup on the way. Upload custom logo image that appears when someone shares the non product page content to Twitter. Improve home page or listing pages share!

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