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A tag cloud (word cloud, or list in visual design) is a visual representation for text data, typically used to depict product tags on website.
Displays your store products tags in 3D rotating animation
Benefit from powerful features allows you to adjust the colour, the font size of the tags and cloud shape.
Tag cloud are represented using HTML5 elements and you are NOT REQUIRED to have the Adobe Flash Player.

This module allows you to set up the tags cloud in predefined shapes:
- Sphere
- vcylinder
- hcylinder
- hring


* Most popular store tags shown only
* Cloud move starts as soon as the page loads
* Tags Limit setting
* Easy configuration
* Option to set the size of font
* Configurable width of the Tags Cloud
* Color-picker tool that allows you to select tags font color
* SSL support
* All tags have clickable links to search page with tag word search keyword
* multilingual tags support

The latest versions of mainstream browsers supports HTML5 3D Tag cloud:
Google Chrome.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher.
Apple Safari.

Compatible with AbanteCart 1.2.x and higher versions

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Extension ID: tags_cloud
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