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Rich Dugan
26 days ago
Hi, I purchased the Ellie theme and have spent some time working with it - very pleased so far. I'm not sure if this is the best way to contact you - let me know if there's a preferred way. My test site is diygreenguru.com

Just a couple of immediate things I need to change.

#1 - is there a way to reduce the padding above and below each of my products please? The title for each product is quite a way from it's image. The price and green trolley icon are too far from the image at the bottom.

#2 - the font above each product is a bit small - I'd like to make that a bit bigger please?

#3 - on the checkout step 2 page, the boxes for shipping and payment are showing at 100% screen width, so the boxes are very wide. I've added a "questions" block to make it reduce the width but would rather not have questions showing.

#4 - each of the items in the very bottom menu with "about", "Privacy Policy", "Return Policy" etc are also very wide (like #3 above) so I've added a "questions" block. Once again, I'd rather not have a "questions" block here.

Sorry, that's a lot of questions! I think these items will be the major things I'd like to change. Many thanks, enjoying your theme. Rich
26 days ago
Hello. Thank you for your question. Best way to contact https://marketplace.abantecart.com/order-support

Add css rules to Theme settings > quick css

.fixed_wrapper, .fixed_wrapper > .fixed { height: auto !important;}

.thumbnails .prdocutname {font-size: 14px !important;}

What is "questions" block?

Bob Stephenson
2 months ago
I looked at ellie on smart phone and I do not see category menus. Isn't this template responsive, if so why no category menu?? Thanks
2 months ago
Hi. Category menus became a mobile short Goto dropdown menu on the mobile screens.
Auguste Beldor
1 year ago
I want to buy this template. Will you install it?

1 year ago
Hello. We can help you with installation.

Have a nice day
Keith Kanipe
2 years ago
I purchased the Ellie Customization Theme. Above my logo i have my website name in the black header in plane text. How do i remove this? Thanks
Bob Stephenson
2 years ago
Is Ellie compatible with:
Abante version 1.2.1
2 years ago
Ellie theme compatible with 1.2.6 and higher versions.
I recommend this guy, get help with abante cart upgrade https://www.fiverr.com/nattoben/upgrade-abantecart-and-help-resolve-upgrade-issues

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Last updated: Mar 11, 2020