Google Market

Ever wanted to get your products listed in the Google Shopping network? This tool will allow you to build and customize your product data per Google specifications.

Google Shopping:

  • Allows you to advertise your products to the world.

  • Show the right products to the right shoppers at the right time.

  • Turn online shoppers into your store's customers..

  • Increase your visitors and ultimately your sales and profits.

Google Market Features:

  • Uses your exiting store and product data.

  • Customize your product data without affecting your store's product data.

  • Augment your data with key Google required data to optimize your product listings.

  • Build as many feeds as you need for any purpose.

  • Include only the products your want to advertise - as many as you want.

  • Choose which product image to send or send all of them.

  • Handles product options per Google specifications.

  • Uses Google categories for optimum listings.

Download and Install Google Market

Build Your Product Feed

Upload Your Product Feed

And Start Selling!

You will need to create a Google Merchant Account and AdWords Account.

Google Shopping operates as a pay for click service.

Google Market is compatible with AbanteCart versions 1.2+

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