Promotion block with slider featured

Promotional products block designed to display products on the home page with background image and best product slider carousel. It allows you to create an easily attractive product slider carousel on your site or shop and increase sales. it makes your home page look much more professional, clean and sharp in your potential customers’ eyes.
From Home page layout, click the + icon and search for Featured Promo Block. Add the block to your page to the Header Bottom or Content Top section, then choose products you’d like to display in the extension settings page.

Promo Box Block settings
  • Hand-picked products
  • Select more than 3 products to enable slider
  • auto play
  • Hide block title
  • Select and show font-awesome icon in the product block
  • Block border-radius in pixels
  • Custom link
  • Colors
  • Slider transitions effects to choose:
    1. cube
    2. slide
    3. fade
    4. coverflow
    5. flip

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Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension

Extension is provided with 120 day support from author with free upgrades within this time frame


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Extension ID: featured_promo_block
Extension Latest Version: 1.1.6
AbanteCart Version: 1.2+, 1.3+
Created: Apr 15, 2020
Last updated: Oct 28, 2023