Facebook Pixel with Events

Facebook Pixel is the main tool you can use to track events on a website.

This easy-to-install extension allows you to get installed a Facebook pixel with events, on every page of your website to track visits to your store and conversions, such as when someone adds an item to their cart or makes a purchase (some events require same id products on your Facebook Catalog otherwise event return "Products Are Missing From Your Catalogs").

What is an event?

An event is any action on your website that can be tracked, such as when someone clicks a button or visits a page. With the Facebook pixel, you can track the website events that matter to you.
With the Facebook Pixel, you can integrate 9 events that happen on your website, including when a customer:

- Searches on your website, for example if the customer searches for a product

- Views content of a key pages, such as viewing a specific product page or shopping category or brand

- Adds a product to cart

- Adds a product to wishlist

- Makes a purchase

- Registration complete

- Contact using contact form

- Non registered visitor subscribe to newsletter

Once you activate this extension, copy and paste your Facebook Pixel ID to start measuring actions happening in your online store.

Note: Before you can create a dynamic ad, you need to set up a catalogue and assign it the Facebook pixel.

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