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About Facebook catalogs

A catalog contains information for all items you'd like to advertise in your Facebook ads. You can use a catalog with multiple Facebook ad types and formats, including dynamic ads and the collection ad format. To create and manage catalogs, visit Catalog Manager. You’ll need facebook account for this to work.

This plugin allow you to generate an up-to-date list of products to your Facebook catalog.

Why it better than regular feeds?

  • Bigger product image in high quality in the feed!
  • Option to set Delivery cost and send to feed
  • description support with chars limit
  • Option to show in the feed product's special and original price!
  • if you want you can create per category feeds!
  • The option to show product SKU or Model as GTIN Unique product identifier in feed.
  • Feed sorting

As well as other features
  • SEO Url support
  • Show the whole product description in the feed or a certain number of words
  • Stock availability supported (In Stock, Out of stock)
  • Manufacturer/brand support!
  • Shipping Weight support
  • Pre-defined Brands value for Unbranded products (optional)
  • generate all products XML feed link or selected category feed

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