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Constant Contact Extension for AbanteCart eCommerce
AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.16 use Constant Contact Integration v
AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.15 use Constant Contact Integration v
AbanteCart Version(s) 1.2.7 - 1.2.12 use Constant Contact Integration v
If you're serious about email marketing and sending quality newsletter to inform your customers and stimulate your sales moving that type of traffic off your eCommerce site to mail handling provisioned servers is the smart move.  Keep your website pages loading quickly and your newsletter campaigns high functioning and getting delivered to your recipients by distributing the activities to the proper locations.

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Constant Contact Integration Extension for AbanteCart – enables you to have two way sync between Constant Contact List and Cart Newsletter List.
  1. Export existing newsletter list to Constant Contact List
  2. Keep synchronized between Constant Contact List and Cart newsletter list.
     Example Scenarios:
     - If customer unsubscribed via email instead via cart user panel.
     - Customer re-subscribed via email instead via cart signup form.
     - You're using Constant Contact generated form as the signup form.

You need a Constant Contact account to use this extension.

Additional Features:  We offer two ways to have a signup form.
  1. Signup form that comes with the extension  - You can add additional information above and/or below your signup form display area using the Content tab. This uses the standard block editor, one for each section; top content and bottom content.
  2. Or configure a custom form within your Constant Contact account.


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