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Ad blockers are being used by an increasing number of web users, and for publishers that rely primarily -or even solely- on ad revenue for the upkeep of a site, the negative impact comes sooner or later.

Adblock Checker is a small script that checks whether a user is using one of the common Ad Blockers on your site, and if detected, displays a customisable message urging him/her/them to disable it.

Specifically, AdBlock Checker does the following two things:

  • Detects whether the user is using a common Adblocker on the current page, and if so, adds a CSS class of "adblocked" to the document root element.
  • Animates a message into view at the bottom of the page for visitors with an Adblocker enabled. Clicking on the "dismiss" button inside dismisses the message for the remainder of the user browser session.
While testing to see what your custom message looks like, you may want to turn on the "set up mode" option so you can see the message even without any Ad Blocker enabled.

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