Elavon / Converge (Virtual Merchant) Payments

This extension will add Elavon Converge ( Virtual Merchant ) credit card payment to your website.

What you need for credit card processing with Elavon:


  • 1. AbanteCart 1.2 installed.

  • 2. This extensions Installed

  • 3. You need to use SSL certificate provided by your hosting

  • 4. You have an account with Elavon, and have Converge / virtual merchant.

Extension Features:

  • 1. Credit Card processing

  • 2. Credit Card and details validation for errors before sending to VM, such as bad CC numbers, invalid cards, invalid expiry, wrong number of CVV digits

  • 3. Transaction log details in order history

  • 4. Test Mode

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Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension

Extension is provided with 120 day support from author with free upgrades within this time frame


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Extension ID: virtual_merchant_gateway
Extension Latest Version: 1.1
AbanteCart Version: 1.2+
Created: Jan 02, 2015
Last updated: Dec 01, 2020

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