Google Sitemap PRO: online & offline

PRO Sitemap Generator is a tool, to generate XML sitemaps for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
Makes it easier for Google to discover the pages on your site!

You can choose between all in one online sitemap which updates automatically every time you made a changes in products, categories, brands, content pages or offline mode allowing you to create offline file or few files (you control how many items per file). Offline mode allow you to resolve google per sitemap products limit.
Offline mode support google's multiple sitemap management (index sitemap with list of generated files. Yammy!)

Sitemap per Category support!

Create sitemap for specific category.

Generate links for all products, product image, categories, manufacturers, information pages, home page. A sitemap is a url where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google search engine about the organization of your site content. Search engines web crawlers like Googlebot read this url to more intelligently crawl your site.
Google Sitemap XML also tells search engines how frequently you update your website. Sitemap allows search engine to better crawl your website.


* Easy install
* SEO Url support
* Product images support
* Changefreq and Priority tag support
* product images sitemap
* full image size or thumbnails support!
* image:title support (tell google what your images about!)
* manufacturers sitemap
* categories sitemap
* collections sitemap
* The option to show content pages
* all multi-level categories in xml
* Multiple-language support
* Multi-store support
* generate to file(s)
* offline file(s) products divider (create few sitemaps)
* file(s) index sitemap
* sitemap per selected category

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