Monnika Theme

MONNIKA is the ultimate multi-purpose theme. Great as a starting point for your custom projects. It is clean, flexible, responsive, support AbanteCart Layout manager and comes packed with powerful customization options! This theme with lifetime updates with newly features. MONNIKA theme settings panel is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box.

MONNIKA Theme has awesome features. We ve highlighted some of our features below, check them out below! The clean multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website.

* Unlimited Colors
We include backend color selectors so you can quickly and easily change the color throughout the entire theme. Create your own skin! General elements can be changed from the theme settings panel!

* Google fonts
We include backend fonts selectors so you can quickly and easily change the fonts throughout the entire theme.

* Ultimate shop by menu
Shop by Category, Brands or popular Tags. Display multi-level nested categories

* Product Rollover Image
See two main images for product's like front and back view of product. When mouse hover product images from anywhere your store listings a new image that we added from product will be display.

* Zoom & Enlarge
Dynamically zoom on images hover and enlarge popup images on click

* Youtube video
Add youtube embed code to product media

*Related products slider

* Full width responsive slider
Customizable: Autoplay, Delay, Background image, Images, Text

* Custom background
Easily use image as a main body background. Amazing option!

* Retina logo

* Categories image.
Category page is designed eye-catching with large category image.

* Advanced header option
Theme include option to change header height, color and more.

* Need Custom Styles?
Save money with a built-in Custom CSS extension. If you need even more customizations, you can easily add custom CSS directly from our theme settings panel without editing core theme files.

* Touch icons
Touch icons - are the favicons of mobile devices and tablets. Adding them to your web page is easy source

* Original Share buttons
Save money with a built-in Original Share social buttons quick integration extension. Social share buttons included.

* SEO friendly URLs support

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Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension

Extension is provided with 120 day support from author with free upgrades within this time frame


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Extension ID: monnika_template
Extension Latest Version: 2.1.0
AbanteCart Version: 1.2.8, 1.2.9, 1.2.10, 1.2.11, 1.2.12, 1.2.13, 1.2.14, 1.2.15, 1.2.16, 1.3+
Created: Oct 21, 2016
Last updated: Oct 28, 2023