Data Lists grid Export: Excel XLXS, XLS, CSV. Filters support

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Nuno Martins
3 years ago
Hello, i need something to do inventory os all products that i have in my site. 1- Will this work with version 1.3 of abantecart ? 2 - Will this pull all products, including option products so i can get an inventory list?
3 years ago
Hello sir. abante did not has the options products.
Nuno Martins
3 years ago
Natani i dont know if i explained myself

Imagine i have 1 product named Polishing paste, then i create several option products with diferente colors , so when it exports a xls file will it get these products that are options and have diferent stocks ?
3 years ago
Hello sir. Module do not support these
Frank D'Angelo
4 years ago
I would like to know if you can download the following lists:
- customers
- orders
- transactions

Thank you
4 years ago
Hello. The customers and orders list (id, name, date added and total) and transactions list in Reports > customers > transactions

Have a nice day

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