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John Chickering
6 months ago
Two more questions, please: I read where recommended image width is 1600px. We can do that; size of each image will then be 1600px width by 800px height. How do we set React Image Slider to maintain consistent responsive display aspect ratio of 2 to 1 width to height, which would be correct proportion for these images? Also, how to we set React Image Slider to not show any headline or subheadline text over the images? Thank you again. -- John C
6 months ago
Default images are 1170px * 400px. In the same proportion you can create an 1600px * 550px images and so on.
The headline is the Banner name you have in Design > Banners > Banner Group: React image slider banners. The sub line is the 'Meta information' field in banner. To hide all those add css to
extensions/react_slider/storefront/view/default/css/react_slider.css at very bottom
add next rules

.slider__slide-content h3, .slider__slide-content h2, .slider__slide-content a {opacity:0}

Have a nice day

John Chickering
6 months ago
Thank you, Natani - ! Good answer with the info and suggestions I needed. And so quickly too. With your good service I will look for more of your extensions to purchase. Enjoy your day. -- John C
John Chickering
6 months ago
Hello, we have purchased and installed React Image Slider for Abantecart and we want to set it to show our images in correct proportion. All of our images are 1400px wide by 700px high. Please tell me where in file react_slider.css or in related .js or .tpl files to make necessary adjustment? Thank you. -- John C.

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