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Dan Shea
3 months ago
Can this theme be adjusted to 100% width?
Mark Chesterton
6 months ago
Hi, I'm potentially interested in this theme but I haven't bought a theme before. I'm totally new to Abantecart.

It I purchased, would it be easily possible to remove the following
Reviews & Tags tabs (I don't need reviews. All my stock are one-off items)
The images in the drop down menus (I would like text only)

My homepage will basically be showing maybe a scrolling banner or two and then it will just display all the latest products. Will that be easy enough to implement?

Muhammad Faizan Anjum
6 months ago
Doe this theme also have builtin related products block? Thanks!
6 months ago
Hello. No block but related products tab in the product page

Have a nice day
David Gunzenhauser
2 years ago
Hi, can you tell me where to make some simple changes?

For instance, I want to change the height of the header. I have found how to make the logo wider, but then it overlaps the menu when I make the logo wide enough to really see and read it when landing on the site. So I need more vertical space to allow for the height of the logo when it is wider.

Also, do you have a recommended maximum with for the logo?
2 years ago
In Parker setting page add next rule to quick CSS
.headerdetails {height: 100px;}
Set the height you need. In demo we have 170px width logo

Have a nice day

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