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Robert Firenze
5 years ago
Option price link pro installation on domain is not allowed
how do ifix
Darek Bosek
6 years ago
I am looking for an extension (app) for the AbanteCart store that would change prices of products in each category by percentage. For example.

If I have a product: cabinet for $100.
That cabinet have 2 styles: Shaker style and Panel style.
And 2 colors: White and Red
Price for Shaker style and White color to be the base price, $100
Price for Shaker style and Red color to increase by 10%
Price for Panel style and White color to increase by 20%
Price for Panel style and Red color to increase by %30


6 years ago
Hi Derek,

the default options that come with AbanteCart handle both a fixed and a percentage modifier. Here;s some info about that:

Our extension option lite and option Pro alters the presentation of how your customers see the pricing displayed.
Default is often confusing. Our Option Lite or Option Pro would provide you with a clearer way to present your end pricing to your customers. These are the links to our manuals so you can see more details.

The difference in the two - is Lite adds the the display to ALL items, the Pro, gives you control over each product that has options. The pro Link is probably not a solution for you as it is designed to allow for a link to a specific url for perhaps a manual or some info you are providing to your customer in addition to your product.

If I have misunderstood your intent for having different pricing for different options of a product let me know. But if I have it right - I believe core options will allow you to do what you want. And if you want to make the pricing less confusing to your customers one of our Option extensions will do that.

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc.

6 years ago
I am responding to you via your email address as provided in a previous post.

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc.

Paul Maher
6 months ago
hello - does this show price range of rom £ in main pricing. I wnt actual price in options, and main product price to read like price from £10, or price £10-£30 for example.

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