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stefan smeenge
7 years ago
Hallo recently i bough this layout

There are a few things i want to change and i dont know how.

There are some titles: Well Made to be, Well Worn and The more you buy, the more you save! and there is a symbol of a diamant.

I want to change or delete the text but i dont know how. I cant findt this option in the admin page maybe there are in the script?

I hope someone can help me out.

Best regards

7 years ago
Hallo. It is easy to do. You have to go design - banner manager, find Static banner 1.
Text in the Meta information of the Static banner 1
Have a nice day
stefan smeenge
7 years ago
Thanks but were can i change: The more you buy, the more you save!
7 years ago
Oh, sorry this text you can change in the design- Blocks. Find About block
stefan smeenge
7 years ago
Done! Thanks :)......................
7 years ago
We’re happy to announce that we have just released a new update with warning patch – Version across 1.2.10 Abantecart. Thank you!

Hani Handal
7 years ago
You mean version

How can i download the new version?
From the admin panel it is not available for me to download it seems that there is something wrong with the abantecart version 1.2.10
7 years ago
Before new version show up on download, marketplace team reviewed to make sure version meet policies
Harald Ody
2 years ago
Aus Deutschland. Sehr gute Template. Auf einige Details gleich Hilfe erhalten.
From Germany. Very good templates. Get help on some details right away.

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