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Hussin Joharji
5 months ago
did this will allow me to import product from AliExpress or Wish?

also if there is a demo site for testing how to import thats will be great
thanks and best regards.
5 months ago

Supplier extension is not for importing products. It is designed to be a tool that allows multiple shipping options for each supplier.
mago giu
2 years ago
Hi, I'm interested in buying this extension and I want to know, once I bought it, what do I need from dropshipper to connect my website to their products database through this extension. Thank you
2 years ago
mago giu,

The supplier extension does not connect with your suppliers products. The primary purpose of the extension is to manage your products by supplier and to offer multiple shipping points and shipping methods by supplier. More details are in the product description.

Perhaps in the future I will consider adding an interface to a drop-shippers database.

1 year ago

Are you able to install the default_fedex extension? Have you verified the soap php module is installed on your server? This error is only seen when you don't. I would check your server configuration or talk to your hosting provider.
1 year ago

You can check your php settings by creating a file with this content:


Call it something like php_info.php and upload it to your server. Then run it http://[your-domain]/php_info.php
Look for the soap section way down the page and see what the Soap Client and Soap Server setting says.

1 year ago
It cut me off...

change the [ and ] to less than sign and greater than sign


Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension


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