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Nuno Martins
7 years ago
Hi natani, is this extension working with abantecart new version 1.2.12?
7 years ago
1.2.12 supported

Have a nice day
John Reid
8 years ago
I'm not seeing any changes after installing the Google SEO generator. How can I tell? I thought, instead of ..._id_number on the URL, I should have seen the proper page name? Please help.
8 years ago
First of all go to SEO generator page and generate urls. Last step is enable SEO URL in your cart settings System -> Settings -> System
Look official doc

Have a nice day.

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Extension ID: seo_generator
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AbanteCart Version: 1.2+, 1.3+
Created: Feb 19, 2016
Last updated: Jul 30, 2023