Australia Post Enhanced Integration

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Misty Rudkin
6 years ago
Hi I wonder if there is an extension for eParcel Australia Post or not.

In our region of Australia must use eParcel System from Oct 2018, if there will come an extension for it, it'd be great.
Magento, WooCommerce and etc are already ready for that by the way.

6 years ago
Hello, we do not currently support that in our extension. AbanteCart will be updating version in the very near future, when we look at updating our extensions to the latest cart version we will look into the eParcel.

Will let you know when we decide what we will be doing.

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc. (WHY2)
Karla Madahar
8 years ago
Hello, I have downloaded this extension but is not installing this is the message I get this message
Package Installer
HomePackage Installer
Success: Package was installed successfully.
Package Loading:

"We are sorry, but in the process of uploading the file errors occurred.
Try one more time.
If problem persist download file in your order history and install manually."

Are you able to help me and tell me what happens.

Thanks in advance
8 years ago
Support for our extensions is provided thru our formal support ticket system - you can reach it by clicking on the SUPPORT tab above, using the link to register (it is a free registration) and then submitting a support request.
You will get much quicker response to your questions and issues as we provide 24/7 support via the support system.

Please include your AbanteCart version and your extension version info on your support ticket And tell us how you are trying to install into your cart - using a key or with a download. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to assist you.
The Support Team
We Hear You 2, inc.
Karla Madahar
8 years ago
Hello, I just register, what is next? do I need to wait for somebody to contact me?

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