VAT Tax ID Option

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Nuno Martins
4 years ago
Hello is this updated to work with Abantecart latest version?
And can i see some screenshots?

Nuno Martins
4 years ago
Bump!?! No support? im waiting for 2 days for your answer.
4 years ago
Yes it will support AbanteCart v 1.2.16.
It seems you have a support account with us, please log into your account

and make a support request - and I will set you up a demo account so you can see first hand how it works.

PS, I just received both of the info requests you made here - seems the email notification via the MarketPlace was delayed somehow.

Nuno Martins
4 years ago
Hello why2, thanks for your availability, I already tested the demo, it's more than what I need, I just need to add 2 mandatory fields when someone makes an order, which is the tax number and the phone number ... don't you have anything simpler that does just what i want?

Jak Jaki
6 years ago
Is this extension working also with AbanteCart v1.2.12?
Parthi Associates
7 years ago

We need to add VAT /TIN number below the order id (top right) in every invoice.

VAT /TIN /GST number is the unique number which provided by the Sales Department, Govt. of India to us.

Also Currently Indian govt. Change the Invoice format. Can this extension supported?

7 years ago
We will look into this and get back to you. Can you provide a link to the government requirements for online invoices?

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc.
Parthi Associates
7 years ago
Hello, Thanks for your reply here i am sharing some links my this help to you.
Govt. Site link:


Also we are sharing to you india's top tax software providing company "Tally Solutions Private Limited" link

However if possible to provided integration with "tally" this will help to Indian customers as 80% businessman using this software for tax purpose.


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