Enhanced Option Pricing Display - Lite

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Hani Handal
5 years ago
I am interested in this extension is it compatible with abantecart 1.2.15??
5 years ago
Hi Hani, yes we have a 1.2.15 version - I will get it posted to MP sometime today.

We have two versions of Option Pricing - Lite - which applies the options display the same to all options and Pro which allows you to change each how each product with options can be displayed allowing more granular control.

If you would like I can make a testing site for you with both of them loaded and you can see the difference.

Just let us know -

The Support Team
We Hear You 2, Inc. (WHY2)

Hani Handal
5 years ago
Thank you for your reply i will take the pro version and no need for a testing site i saw the differences

5 years ago
I will send you a note when I have 1.2.15 versions on MP

4 years ago
Nuno, you've been with us for sometime. You know support from WHY2 is thru your WHY2 support ticket system - log into your account via:
and open a NEW ticket

tells what error you are seeing, or how you are trying to update.
The WHY2 Support Team
Paul Maher
6 months ago
can this adjust the main product price display also? Where products have options with different prices, I want to display Price for example like 'From £10' or '£10 - £30'

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