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John Gordon
7 years ago
Do you have any documentation that I can look at?
I am a beginner and would like to upload my product feed to Google. My previous attempts to create an XML file had failed. I would like to see your manual or documentation, to see if I can handle the program.
7 years ago
We do not have a documentation.

Have a nice day
Brody Kline
7 years ago
Is this able to take abantecart product reviews and feed them to desired location. If it does or you can add that, you got a sale here.
7 years ago
Do you want rss feed only with reviews, have example?

Brody Kline
7 years ago
What would be neat is if all the product reviews had a RSS feed, so that I could feed it into our blog which is already feed into FB.
I have come across RSS Builder that will make a page a RSS that is not but since you must click on the "Review" tabs on the product pages I do not understand how to get it to work. I know it can be done, I am just not there yet.
An example, on this page:
Below the center picture is "Description", "Reviews", and "Tags". It would be a great automated benefit to us if the "Reviews" tab had a RSS feed so any time someone left a review it would automatically be displayed on our blog, FB and anything else we move to.
I know can be done by us manually placing it some where else, I am just trying to eliminate a step.
7 years ago
We can develop such extension for you
if you are interested, please contact http://pph.me/natani

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