Banners Slideshow Style 552

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Mohammed Al-shah
1 year ago
Does this work with the latest version of abantecart 1.2.15 also does it have an editor and can links be inserted?
1 year ago
Hello. No, it does not. Regards, AlgoZone, Inc.
Samat Ubonla
4 years ago
Not working with foxy_template
Paul Woods
5 years ago
Is there any way of making this banner scalable as it is really messing with the Mobile Seo - I am already using a scalable banner and it would not let me add another to the homepage so I bought this - it works well except it is not mobile friendly
lumpakorn pan
5 years ago
Banners Slideshow Style 552" works with AbanteCart Ver. 1.6? today I Purchased, But it does not work please help me.
5 years ago
Hello. Extension is compatible with 1.1.6 What problem you have? Could you explain. Regards, AlgoZone, Inc.
Khaled Laila
5 years ago
Can this extension "Banners Slideshow Style 552" works with AbanteCart Ver. 1.24?
5 years ago

Yes it work with AbanteCart 1.2 family


AlgoZone, Inc.
mohamed el ati
6 years ago
Error: Can't find config-file package.xml inside package. Probably package is broken. Structure of package error.
6 years ago
Try to reinstall the extension using your FTP, probably it is your directory permission that cause the problem. If you don't have copy of the extension, you can send a ticket at and give us your order number so that we can send it to you.

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Last updated: Nov 23, 2020