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Ali Alth
2 years ago
Hello Sleem,

I have installed the extension but it is not working. I uninstalled and did it manually same thing.

so please solve it or refund.

2 years ago
First Welcome
Go additions
Delete the old version 1.0.8
Download Version 1.0.9
Like any extension of your installation
If you speak Arabic
احذف الاضافة الاصدار 1.0.8
حمل الاصدار 1.0.9
قم بالتنصيب من الاضافات
مثل اى اضافة اخرى
اذهب الى الاعدادات وفعل اللغه العربيه
اتمنى لك التوفيق
اى استفسار انا موجود
2 years ago
This has nothing to do extension Arabic Language
After the installation has to be activated extension of settings
Arabic Language and then designate the default language for the site interface and administration panel
3 years ago
The name of the language is misspelled. Shouldn't it be "Arabic" with an "a"?
3 years ago
Thank you


I've really forgotten