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Lee LeGrand
3 years ago
AbanteCart 1.3.1 or higher with Fast checkout enabled - does this ONLY work with Fast checkout?
3 years ago
Yes, Fast checkout is required.
Handoyo handoyo
3 years ago
Thanks a lot for adding hooks into the webhooks.

Handoyo handoyo
3 years ago

I would like to ask how to configure the product option subscription correctly?

We have 1 product option that will be charged normally and 1 product option that will be available for subscription.

We have set the product option that have the subscription period and when we want to place order for the normal payment we get this error message:

"Oops. Cannot to finalize subscription. Incident has been reported"

The error log shows:

We are trying to launch site 11/29 and would appreciate a fix quickly.

3 years ago
Hello. You have to choose to set subscription params to the Whole product or to each option's value. The mix is not available.

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