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Sean Hennessy
1 year ago
Can you explain how it enables Google Pay to work?
1 year ago
It's been a while since I added support for Google Play, but if I do remember correctly, it has to be done through your Developer Square account (not your personal/business Square account). and you have to meet the following prerequsites:

1) You are a US, Canadian, or UK Square seller. Google Pay for the In-App Payments SDK is only available for Square sellers based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

2) You have read, and adhere to, Google Pay API Terms of Service, Google Pay API Acceptable Use Policy, and Google's brand guidelines.

If the two are true, then when a patron is redirected to Square and his/her device has support for Google Play then s/he will be able to pay with Google Pay after the redirection to Square's Web site to make the payment.
Alfredo Gonzalez
3 years ago
I purchased this extension last year in November for $40 and to update now is $45, what's up with that?
3 years ago

I thought that after I had had made the update I had sent you the update?! If I did not, then I send it to you.
3 years ago
If the name that you used in November was Carlos, then yes, I did include in my last message to you the newest version.
Alfredo Gonzalez
3 years ago
don't recall receiving it
3 years ago
If you don't mind, send a message rather than post a comment so that i can send you the attachment.
Alfredo Gonzalez
3 years ago
can't find a message link anywhere on this page and the support link is bone dry!
3 years ago
I just responded to the original message thread and resent the attachment.
Dean Price
4 years ago
hi Having problems with the install.

Access key? is this the device key in square?
Have a SSL certificate on server but still having no luck.

Connection to Square server could not be established. . Check your server configuration or contact your hosting provider.

Any help with the install would be awaited
Bryan Small
3 years ago
Good morning.
I spent some time this morning re-building the Square Account and re-installing your Plug-In. The tech Support from Square walked me thru all of this. I still got the Error Message:
S Error
An error occurred during the request, please try again later.

Here is the "Crux of the Biscuit" .... with Square, your Bank Account Info has to be Verified - and that takes 5 Days. The Error happens because the Banking info has not yet been verified. So now we all know.
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