No Right Click

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Nuno Martins
1 year ago
this is not much when there are extensions to do the opposite
1 year ago
right click is enabled by default, on any browser, so there is that. This extension stops right clicking and also prevents selecting or copying any text (including left click hold/select as well) if that helps with the description.

I'm sorry people are using it and you can not copy and paste or select any text , I should have called it "Stop Thief" to make it a bit more clear and so people do not just think it only stops a right click. thanks for the heads up on the description.

Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension

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Extension ID: no_right_click
Extension Latest Version: 1.0.2
AbanteCart Version: 1.2.8
Created: Apr 04, 2018
Last updated: Feb 19, 2019

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