Coinilla Bitcoin Payment Gateway

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luke cole
7 years ago
Trying to set up a Coinilla account, but it seems your wallet recommendation is obsolete. Tried getting the Electrum wallet and it redirected me to coinbase which is good because I already have a wallet there, but your site doesn't allow that option.
Robert Wolfe
7 years ago
Guys, you've done a great job, but have you tested the extension? I installed it, made a test order, came to the payment page, sent the payment, the payment has gone to my wallet, but the page is not refreshing - after 4 confirmations in bitcoin network your payment page still shows "0 of 1 confirmations", refresh button on the payment page doesn't work - nothing changed, when I refreshed the browser it showed the following error "Invoice used or expired! #p31". So actually your payment page has checked that the payment was made, but then it doesn't check for bictoin network confirmations. Please advise.
7 years ago
@Robert Wolfe
We fixed the problem.

Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension


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