Elavon / Converge (Virtual Merchant) Payments

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Eric Klein
3 months ago
Will this work with 1.3?
3 months ago
Unfortunately, it might not work. I can try to fund time to upgrade it.
3 months ago
I have checked Elavon. They have completely changed endpoints and API. This will take some time to develop and I do not have that much time now.
Check Stripe or CardKnox instead.
Frank D'Angelo
1 year ago
We use Elavon as our credit card processor and I need to download your extension.
However, you say it requires Converge and I don't know if we have that feature.
People in the office are not clear on it either.
It is essential that we use this extension, so I would like to know if there is a way to find out if we have it?
Thank you.

1 year ago
Hello Frank,

Elavon is a credit card processor and Converge is a gateway that Elavon supports.
You can check this here:

Other payment processors (Stripe) do not require gateways as they handle that on their own.

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