FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

The FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention plugin screens your online order transactions for possible frauds. Its advanced engines perform comprehensive validations including IP geolocation, anonymous proxy, email address, blacklist record, transaction velocity, and many more to accurately identify fraudulent orders. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive fraud analysis for your examination and subsequent action.

Why FraudLabs Pro

Flexibility. We provide a flexible solution for identifying fraudulent orders. You can use our FraudLabs Pro score to detect fraud or create your own validation rules for specific cases. You can also use a combination of both methods.

Free. We are not offering a trial version, but a completely free version to start protecting your online business. This offer is absolutely free if your monthly orders are fewer than 500 transactions or your monthly sales are less than 25K USD. No upfront credit card information, commitment, or hidden costs are required.

Easy to setup. The setup is straightforward and quick. Simply install the free FraudLabs Pro plugin, enter the API key, and configure the settings. Check How to setup fraud detection for Abantecart to learn more.

Trustworthy. We have over 10 years of experience in the fraud prevention industry. Thousands of merchants in our global network use our solution to safeguard their stores from fraud.

Key Fraud Validation Features

Below are the key features of FraudLabs Pro plugin:

  • IP address validation
  • Anonymous proxy validation
  • Billing & shipping address validation
  • Ship/Freight forwarder address validation
  • User account validation
  • Email address validation
  • Disposable phone number validation
  • Free and disposable email validation
  • Credit card BIN validation
  • Transaction validation
  • Device validation
  • Blacklist validation

Looking for more credits or advanced features? We provide five different upgrade plans. Each varies in terms of validation query limits, features, and the number of validation rules. For detailed information about pricing, query limits, and advanced features for each plan, please visit our  fraud detection plan on our website.

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