MailChimp Newsletter Integration

Get most of your customer's newsletter management with MailChimp service. 


  • Customers emails and subscription status with MailChimp
  • Customers can subsctube/unsubscribe from MailChimp via AbanteCart
  • Automaticaly update MailChimp on account creation, update in storefront and admin of AbanteCart

Extension is compatible with AbanteCart 1.2+ as well as earlier versions.

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Single Installation License


Single installation, is for use by single site or one copy of application using this extension


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Extension ID: mailchimp_integration
Extension Latest Version: 1.2
AbanteCart Version: 1.1.7, 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 1.2+
Created: Feb 23, 2014
Last updated: Oct 16, 2020